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How to clean your toilet – World Toilet Day 2017

Clean toilet clearworld cleanersCleaning a toilet, one of life’s less pleasant tasks which is often postponed. A dirty toilet will look bad, smell bad and breed germs. Fear not we at ClearWorld Cleaners have your back, we’ll guide you through it step by step till you have a clean toilet.

  1. Wear Rubber Gloves

    Use a dedicated pair of waterproof rubber gloves to clean your toilet. Toilets can be a haven for bacteria – you’ll want to keep your hands as clean and dry as possible when you’re cleaning yours.

    • Keep these gloves separate from your other gloves. It’s handy to buy your toilet gloves in a different color than your other rubber gloves – you don’t accidentally want to mistake them for your dish-washing gloves.


  1. Remove stuff around the toilet

Most detergents work so good they will clean the ink off your beloved toilet reading materials. You would also want to avoid having a soggy tissue paper or wet mat incident. Simply remove all excess items around the toilet in order to prevent this from happening.


  1. Apply toilet cleaner inside the bowl

Apply your choice of powdered, liquid, or gel cleaner to the bowl. Try to apply the cleaner as close to the toilet rim as possible to prevent diluted cleaner. Some toilet cleaners are formulated to remove minerals, germs and general dirt stains. Close the lid and leave to soak for a few minutes while you take the next step.


  1. Clean the exterior of the toilet

While the toilet cleaner is soaking into the bowl, you can be cleaning the exterior of the toilet. Start with the tank to prevent dripping on already clean surfaces. Apply your cleaner be it soap or disinfectant onto the tank paying special attention to germ hotspots like the handle. Next apply on the outside lid of the toilet and finally apply on the bowl. Wipe down the cleaning solution from top down again paying special attention to the “germ hotspots”.


  1. Now clean the toilet seat

This is the part that actiually comes into contact with people so it needs special attention. Raise the seat apply cleaner/disinfectant. Don’t forget the hinges. Wipe down and remove disinfectant/cleaner.


  1. Clean the inside of the toilet bowl

Scrub the inside of the toilet bowl with a firm bristled brush paying special attention to spots with stains.


  1. Flush the toilet

This removes excess toilet cleaner and reveals the clean toilet. Don’t forget to wash your hands after.


You may now enjoy your clean toilet Clean Toilet!!!


World Toilet Day is an official United Nations international observance day, celebrated on 19 November, to raise awareness of the global sanitation crisis. According to the 2012 census 24% of Zimbabwean households do not have a toilet within them. Which is less than the global average of 33% of people without access to toilets amounting to a total of 2.5 billion people.

Cleaning a toilet can go a long way towards curbing the spread of diseases and increasing the lifespan of the toilet. Share this article and spread the word!!!


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