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Office Cleaning

If you’re looking to save time and money on your cleaning bills, at clearworld cleaners we can provide a more efficient cleaning system for your office or premises. Our highly skilled project team will examine your building layout, where people sit and what cleaning materials are needed. They then devise the most efficient way to clean the building.
Office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet, germs that contribute to your workers taking several sick days per year. That number can be decreased by implementing an office cleaning service program that prevents germs from spreading.

What we can do for you

Let us take care of your employees well-being of the office cleaning services include:

  • Floor care
  • Trash disposal
  • High-dusting and furniture
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Boardroom Cleaning
  • Client waiting area cleaning
  • Carpet care and shampooing
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Cleaning Blinds and windows

Reception and Restroom cleaning

We know that having clean and tidy reception areas and toilets is important to you. We’ll always ensure your front of house is as clean and well-presented as possible.
When cleaning lavatories, we pay special attention on the areas that matter and leave them visually, hygienically clean and smelling fresh.


Why I should have a clean office

A clean and neat office is a must for a workplace. First impressions are everything and having an untidy work space can leave a negative impression with clients. In addition, employees are more likely to remain focused and complete their work more efficiently in a clean office, rather than an untidy environment.
How we work
At ClearWorld Cleaners are always prepared for every workplace to ensure we clean your office accurately and efficiently. We can always bring our own products such as brooms, mops, buckets, sponges, and other cleaning chemicals and equipment if need be.
When we work
Our hours are flexible around your workplace. We can provide servicing daily or weekly, before regular working hours and even after regular working hours.


Why choose us

Professional service: Each cleaning technician is professionally trained and will always do a quality job. We also supply and use all of our own cleaning equipment if need be.
Reliability: We turn up on time every time! If we are running late than we will always call you in advance.
Price: We offer a great service for a fair price.
Your company needs to focus on their business not on cleaning, call us now on +263 4 333055  or fill the form out on this page to partner with one of the best commercial cleaning service companies in Zimbabwe.

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